Checking out Crimereads as a one-stop-shop for popular crime books and media news

Have you been following the writing and curating from

[Note: this is part of the post category I’m dubbing “Making an Appeal” (get it?!), which is to highlight the projects (sites, podcasts, other goings on) I come across that are relevant to this blog’s topic (true/crime/etc.) and seem worth checking out.]

What I think is particularly appealing about this site is its combination of diversity and thoroughness. It curates listicles of true crime, crime fiction, and other crime, thriller, espionage, and mystery media. Want to learn about international crime fiction out this month? Crimereads is probably on top of it. Want to learn about a sub-genre at the intersection of socio-cultural identity, writing labor, and pulp fiction? They’re probably a few steps ahead of you on that, too.

They also offer original essays and interviews about new and old crime storytelling.

I say “original,” but much of the content is provided by “partners” in the crime publishing and media industry. Sure, publishers and writers are trying to get more eyes on their own content. But it’s still a useful hub for anyone interested in the cultural landscape of crime media.

And “hub” is the right word. is an offshoot of the popular and equally valuable curation site Like Literary Hub, Crimereads is a kind of “organizing principle” of content related to crime discourse:

“where readers can find the best writing from the worlds of crime, mystery, and thrillers—a literary culture that’s more robust than ever, but diffuse. Like its founding website, Literary Hub, CrimeReads is an organizing principle, curating and cultivating a daily slate of high-quality writing, a digital space where readers and writers can gather and engage.”

It’s a great resource if you want a one-stop shop to grab what’s new, and new takes on the old.

[I realize now that this sounds like a sponsor post! Yikes! I really didn’t mean to sound like ad copy here, lol. These are actually my own words trying to describe this resource.]

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