Update on the Blog: taking a pause!

A textured white piece of paper has two words type-written and centered, in all-caps: "Nothing Written"
Photo by kira schwarz on Pexels.com

Some might have noticed that the pace of new posts has slowed . . . and now stopped. I am pausing the blog for the summer, and I hope to start it up again in the fall.

In the mean time, I will continue some crime-discourse commenting via Twitter! I particularly want to keep up with what folks are reading and viewing.

Perhaps some of the most fun with the blog I’ve had these last few months is reading and curating the “round-up” posts about popular true/crime series that have captured public attention (like this one and this one).  This is something I may try to keep doing, and that format may become a new focus for this blog. After all, I am really interested in how we talk about crime representations, so this focus seems fitting.

If you stop by and read some posts while I’m gone this summer, please leave a comment or Tweet at me!

I always want to know: what are you reading? What are you watching?


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